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In this pretty month of May, it's all about the 2.5!

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Greetings Daevas,

In this pretty month of May, it's all about the 2.5! In this issue of Eye on Community, we'll tell you about-and show you-some of the exciting changes that arrive with the Aion® 2.5 update: the new mentor system, the fresh character customization options, and some amazing new trendy costumes.

This past month has been rich in activities and excitement. It started with the long-awaited reveal of the Aion 2.5 Empyrean Calling™ live date: May 25! To top that off, you had the chance to try 2.5 on the Public Test Server (PTS) starting May 12. For those of you who have tried 2.5, feel free to give us your feedback on the official forums. We're happy to know what you think.

As we are publishing, every single Aion player is enjoying the Daeva Palooza, which consists of a weeks-long buffet of events of all sorts to celebrate the new update. If all that isn't enough, we are also putting in place a faction incentive program. This program, which aims to swell the ranks of the underdog faction (currently, the Asmodians), will swing into place soon.

For all you fashionistas out there, the black and white dyes you were looking for are now available at the NCsoft store until June 18. Pick them up and give yourself a new wardrobe for the spring!

Have fun, Daevas, and we'll see you in game!