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Illuminati Order Gorgos Ninjalooting

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Hi guys

Just to inform - not to start a debate. Some may be able to use this information, and some may not.

So a few days ago I was running tons of FT runs, to get Kromede's 1h gold sword, along with a few friends, and we were in short of 1 dps, so we took this guy with us named Gacus from the legion Illuminati Order.
And guess what. The sword finally dropped and I was so happy when it happend. We had run FT as the only way of levelling from lvl 31 to 40 and it was the only time it dropped.

Naturally Gacus ninja looted it, laughed at me, told me **** happens, and left the group with in his possession.

I was pretty angry at this point but I thought my first actions were to contact an officer from Illuminati Order, and find out what policy they ran. And sure enough I found several officers, who told me they had a strict policy and didnt allow their members to ninja loot

But they wasnt going to kick him - "We warned him"
Some policy lol

I then told them that I would go public and include their legion name in the post and after that the officer whom I spoke to, told me - **** happens, the exact same sentence that Gacus used right before he left the group.

So if you are looking to minimize the chances ninjalooting dont party with the likes of these people.

And if you ARE a ninjalooter looking for legion then this is the place to be. Not only do they allow it. They also teach you to rub it in your victims face.