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If I leave

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                                                                                 If I leave
   If I leave Aion, will you remind of me? I always think about this question. I am such a person and I hope I can leave some footprints while doing something.
   I am an outgoing girl and I have a lot of friends in reality. One of my friends introduced this game to me. Just in this way I entered into this game. I bought a lot of aion kina, but it was not important. The most important thing for me in this game was that I harvest the most precious friendship.
   I always know that every friend in this game treat me very well. They gave me some equipment and borrowed me aion online kina when I needed. How can I forget it? Last week my friend left because of her job. She left, but gave me some aion gold and some equipment. She asked me to save these equipment and she would come back to see me. I still remember just one month ago we quarrel with each other because of some tiny things. In fact it was my fault, but I was shamed to apologize to her. We did not say any words until one week. When I knew that she must leave, I was depressed and regretted to what I have done.
   Although I have a lot of friends, I still wonder whether there is true friendship in this world. But now I start to believe. We got together to earn cheap aion kina. I was excited, not because of game itself, but because that we started to make efforts for one goal. This process was enjoyable. But separation was very common in games, we should face it frequently. Some of them come back after a period of time, but some never come back. Sometimes I received messages from them, when I heard that they were fine, I was happy. For them, I am full of blesses in my heart.
   Until yesterday I received a notice from a company which I had been interviewed, I knew I must leave this game. My feeling was complicated. I thought for a long time, so I decided to give up this game. Perhaps in the future I will not need to buy aion kina, but I still remind of my friends. I hope every friend in this game will get happiness. Please believe me and I will come back to see you.