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I will not regret

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                                                                          I will not regret
   A popular feature that has been implemented into Aion is the ability to fly, aion kina can be obtained early in the game. Flying is available to every character and combat while flying is built into the game, aion online kina is used by the players to find locations and materials that are not accessible through walking on the ground. Initially when you receive the power of flight your character can fly only for one minute at a time. As characters gain levels, they can fly longer, and fly faster. There are also items that increase flight time and flight speed.
   The story is like that: In the beginning there was a god named Aion who ruled over a world called Atreia. This god created a race of intelligent entities to act as his servants whom he called the Balaur. After some time passed the Balaur disobeyed Aion wishes and rebelled against their creator. The god Aion then created the 12 Empyrean Lords. The Empyrean Lords in turn created a barrier which prevented the Balaur from attacking the humans charged under their protection. Within this barrier all things were safe. To save the world, you need enough aion gold. The Balaur ravaged and destroyed many of the living things residing outside of the barrier.
   Aion is designed with two playable races: the Elyos and the Asmodians. Both races have the same origin, which explains the fact that they are not that different in their appearance. The most distinctive differences are the skin color and their wings.
   While some people may assume that one race is good and the other race is evil, the developers have explicitly said that neither race can be characterized as either good or evil, but that their motives are much more complex.