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I sacrificed my health

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                                                              I sacrificed my health
   Though at present, I engage in a not bad job in the big city, I have to continuously learn new knowledge every day. It is becoming more and more competitive. I think sometimes I even can not bear the huge pressure not only from the work. I have a strong self-esteem. I always expect that I can do better than others. So I always work hard. And at the same time, I also ignore the most important thing. I do not pay attention to it, until one day I find I do not remain in a good condition.
   I told my best friend about my health condition. He also began to worry about me. Maybe he was right. I needed to make an adjustment. If I continued to keep this condition, sooner or later I would face the breakdown. It was terrible. What should I do?Then by the introduction of my friend, I began to touch something called aion kina. It was about the virtua online game. The magic heaven.
   In fact,I only wanted to improve my present condition by this way. To be continuously under severe strain was not good for health. I should relax myself reasonably. Maybe by trying something different, I could find the true happiness. Then in this condition, I decided to make a knowledge of aion online kina. I also wanted to prove whether the online game was wonderful just as they described.
   When I entered another environment, I told myself I must concentrate all my attention. Everything about the work was none of my bussiness, only something like aion gold in the virtual online game attracted me. Gradually I found actually I did not know how to make a good live. I regarded the work as the core of my life. To improve my business level, I gave up many things in the life. I did not have a good rest, and also no chance to have a good journey. What was the purpose of my working. I began to question. When I could not get more achievements in the work, and simultaneously sacrificed my health. I thought I must make a huge mistake.
   Even though one day I had so much money that I could buy a luxury villa, it had no much significance. Without the good health, everything could not be possible. I would rather buy aion kina and enjoy myself in the wonderful online game at this moment. I hoped through the wonderufl online game, I could adjust very good my mental condition, and became vigorous again.