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I like the game, and I like him

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Today I was very boring that I have nothing to do. So I surf the internet and want to find something to do.
When I see many stories about others, I have the actuation to write down my story. Then it reminds me of him, a person who I have put my love on. But I also recall the memory that we quarreled about aion online gold, but also he has given me happiness and move.
We began to know each other when I was first to play the game. It has made me become interesting in the game. At that time, I treated him as my little brother. In fact, he is really small than me. He leaded me to upgrade, taught me how to play the game and then gave me sell ffxi gil to buy things.
When I was in a bad mood, he would accompany me and make me happy. But it is a pity that I had husband in the game, and in the reality I also have boyfriend. But fortunately, I did not love him. I wonder whether he will be angry about it when he sees this.
Once a time, I entered the game, he saw me on and asked me where I have been to, I said that I have been to Australia; the humus words narrowed our distance. He did not care that I have husband in the game; he cared about me as usual. And also he gave me much sell guild wars gold, I could buy many perfect equipment using the money.