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High level hack is low now

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aion gold makes great contributions in the game, and we can enter into high levels if we make full use of it. In fact I have talked many things about how to improve levels in several articles, only if you act as what I have said, I think you can go well. Twenty five levels you enter into are important, and you will find that there is great difference between in these levels.
After you get twenty five, you can find the guardian of the basic skills of injury is higher than the flat cut, and we can continue use these skills from time to time. At this time now another card is not cost effective high level cut. There is that how like an infinite loop so that skills can use a very important. These advantages are so many, but I can say two to you. CD is first to be long, and the priority skill wasting time on fighting bugbears is short, that even the technology that what the three stages of the air three hundred and sixty degree skills. Diarrhea I will not say how the skills are, and the release of the time used, others you can cut down the two, you need still not release the mobile.
Of course, hatred of high pulls the first to use, and you will use to fight against enemies. Specially, after which the first is, intelligent people understand. Shields shelf gear, equipment, what is the stone inserted, is the issue of mars, my principle is to ensure each equipped with a shield stones, extra holes the whole and blood. In fact, at the same level after thirty levels other professions do not you will be able to take away the strange.