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Guardian capture nirvana

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aion gold fly over many things, such as skills, point and blood, even more arms, but we can create many things out if we make full use of it. Otherwise, we will waste much money, in this condition, I tell you some guardian capture nirvana, and I think it can help you to get many things that you want. Capture distance and link arms fire from the big sword than the sword away, of course, and stretching farther stretching big sword can catch twenty one miles. This is the first skills, and the following introductions are according to this rule.
Capture is a magic skill, and silence can not be used. Capture the physical attacks, and magic skills had no effect on this increase. Capture the skills of attack effect with regular attack flat cutting effect, and these skills can decrease damage when you meet trouble. Capture the success rate is a constant probability, and the hit, spell hit, rating and sudden attack has nothing to do, this probability is from sixty five percent to seven five percent, and the only factor is the terrain. Capture may arise three kinds of situations, namely, it contains narrow added deceleration, deceleration, no effect. The most buffer reel superior force is to capture conditional invalid. Capture caused by the slowing effect is magical damage, and capture is the mark. A block of the post-harvest can be caused by the immune slowdown, but can not be closer to the immune.
The following are complementary:
Impregnable fortress to capture the state can be interrupted by the other party, capture paralysis after 1-2 seconds, and it keeps quiet suddenly, and captures are a very good use. I think you must have known these advantages now, and I hope you can go long road when you meet trouble, than you can grow.