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'For War and Glory' AP Event and Faction Incentive Gateway Getaway Event

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We will be turning on the Reduced AP loss and Faction Incentive Gateway Getaway Event! They will run after maintenance on 13/07/2011 till next maintenance period on 20/07/2011.

Our 'For War and Glory AP Event' is a popular event that is focused primarily on abyss points. This event specifically lets you get more AP and keep more. AP loss from PvP encounters in the Abyss, Silentera Canyon, Ingisson and Gelkmaros will be reduced by 50%, all other areas of the game will deliver the normal amount of AP loss. Additionally we will be increasing the amount of AP gain from monsters in the Abyss and Silentera canyon, giving you more AP per kill.

Faction Incentive Gateway Getaway Event - (Selected Servers) during this event, we will introduce special entrance gates for Asmodians only that will allow your characters to enter instances despite fort ownership. Asmodians on Telemachus and Elyos on Perento may enter a selection of the Upper Abyss fort instances and Divine's Abyssal Splinter from inside Primum, and access Silentera Canyon from inside Gelkmaros fortress.