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Fine selection rule

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aion gold which we need in the game is important, and we can use it to buy arms and make friends with some players. We do well in the game, and we will make great efforts. Do not see it low, and often we can enter into high level from one by one. I like it, and also I often go to bar to play this game, because I feel happy when I win. Next now I will introduce some rules about how to choose roles in the game, and you can read the game of racial and occupational selection rule. I think it must do help you, when you play the game.
The role of an account can be created 8, and only one account can choose a race. Required the creation of role players from the family days and the evil choose between a race, and account can only choose one race, if the first one-day role in the creation of family roles, then the role can only be after the seven select days family which was officially announced at the cb2 settings.
The creation of roles must be soldiers, detection of persons, master, and four kinds of basic vocational priest select one. Each job has two a turn under the occupation, when the players rose to 10, through the transfer task of awakening as the guardian of the two professions can choose from one career to become a formal role.
The family days and the evil job classification are the same, there is no specific professional. In fact, before the eight occupational categories with the introduction similar to, but will be the official name of South Korea official re-introduced into it again, and the additional equipment systems discussion.