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Faelen Explain Why This Happens...

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Why does aion RANDOMLY decide to DC you but keep your player in-game so you can get killed by 20 asmos and lose 8,000 AP?

Why does Aion do this? I have a 20+ MB Connection and my ping is always under 100 (close to 50 at most times) so it's not my internet that's causing this stupid problem.

It happens around every 1-2 days where everything freezes but your character is still able to run around. When this happens, why can't you have a system where it instantly kicks the player off the game? Why does this stupid game disconnect you but keep your character in-game?

The game has been out for nearly 2 years and this problem still hasn't been fixed. How are we meant to pvp on this pve game, when you can be DC'd at any time, allowing the other faction free kills?

You ask your customers to pay monthly, for what?