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Eye on Community 25.06.2010

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Greetings Daevas,This week we announced that we were going to be merging servers on July 7, 2010. Since our announcement, we've received a number of questions and some feedback about our decision to do so. We've been doing our best to answer these questions in this thread, but many of the questions that we've seen have already been answered in our Server Merge FAQ. With just under two weeks until our servers are merged, we want to know what you're plans are, and that's our Topic of the Week!Topic of the WeekWhat are your plans after we merge our servers on July 7?In just under two weeks, a merge rift will open, and all Daevas will embark on a magical journey to a new realm. Players will encounter new faces, new Legions, and most importantly, more players to play with! So what are your plans are our servers are merged? Let us know in the forums.Do you want to the Aion team to answer your question or discuss a topic of your choice? Send an email to [email protected] with your character name, server, and question!