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Enter battle field; back up as far as you can and bind position to aion gold

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ENM exploit: Using lots of Hi-pots and antidotes you can solo Promy Enm’s with RNG or BLM. (Too many HP to take aion gold out with other jobs…I’ve tried, could Dou I guess) Use POS tool to warp right to the Spire. Then enter battle field, back up as far as you can and bind position to F1 or something. Then (using speed hack) run fast around mob to far other site and makes that position F2.

Now you can unload RA or magic on the ENM and when he gets too close bounce to other site. PS. You can rest while bouncing back and forth.

Lumber Trick: Easy way to get lots of lumber and make some fast cash

1) Get a party of 5 together.

2) Cover all the spawn points of one section.

3) Log all the lumber at one spawn point.

4) The next spawn point for lumber becomes open right away.

5) You can log constantly with a group. 

Sometimes the mobs will run away from you if they feel they are not at the correct distance from you, often this will involve them linking with their friends, to avoid this, cast your first spell on them (blind or w/e) then run away some, they will chase after you and stop once they are in the sweet spot. This will minimize them needing to run off.