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EU Service Interruption Compensation

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We strive to give Aion players the best service possible while updating the game with new features. Last Wednesday, the patching process for the long-awaited patch 1.5.1, which delivered exciting new features and performance upgrades during fortress sieges and other intense activities, took much longer on the EU servers than we anticipated. By our standards, our EU Aion players were unable to play the game for too long. Therefore, our players with an active European account for Aion will be granted one day of free game time.

Patching servers is not a simple task and things can go wrong - which they did. We put all our resources together to fix the problem as soon we could. We apologize to our players in Europe. We know that you wanted to spend an evening in Atreia and missed out on that opportunity. We see it only fitting to let you enjoy an evening for free.

We began processing the day of compensation on November 20, 2009. However, it can take up to five days until the day of compensation shows up in your account details.
Thank you for your understanding. Have a great time playing Aion Patch.