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Do what you have said to us

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                                                         Do what you have said to us
   Every month we can not get the salary on time, and that we do not like this situation, the personnel department often does not have one in the office, and the salary even be delinquent till the next month. This month's salary she does not give us, and she said that this Friday she will give us, and that today it has been Thursday, we all hope that tomorrow she will give us salary and that we nearly have no money to feed ourselves.
   We write essays everyday, and that I think we are very toilsome, we should think about carefully then we write about all different kinds of games gold, for example, the aion kina. It seems that we are very easy everyday but in fact it is not, and that you can think of what we do everyday, I think that it is very boring, and that I feel very monotonous. Some of my university classmates said that I am so lucky that in their minds I am an English editor. They think I am so easy everyday, and write the essays everyday. Yes, write the essays is very easy, it is a piece of cake I think, but that everyday we should write, from morning till get off work, and we write the aion online kina but in fact we do not what it is.
   And that if we work at here five years that we write five years essays, and that if we work at here ten years that we write the essays ten years. Now, when I thought of this that I am so sad, I love the work environment and I love my colleague, that we are all just graduated from the university this year, and that I think we have lots of topics to talk with each other. But that every time when we talk of the cheap aion kina that we will remain silent. For we write the essays about the game gold but that we do not know it, so that we feel very ashamed for the readers. But we also should do our best to write the best essays for the readers.
   Today, we hope it passes quickly, and that hope tomorrow is a beautiful day. And that we hope that she should do what she have said to us. And that if we can get the salary that the first thing I do is buy aion kina, the company does not give us the chance to know that game gold, that we should not let the readers down, and that we should work hard everyday. So that I search the data about all kinds of the games gold, and that I hope to be a good worker also a good writer. And now I am so exciting and that I tell to myself that I should do my best to know the aion gold and write the best essays about the games gold.