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Divine Fortress first western down

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Tonight 24/04/2010, few minutes before midnight, the Divine Fortress fell down for the first time in the West.

Greatings to all Elyseans from the Fr-Suthran server that took part in this event or in the previous attempts.

For several weeks we had tried the abyss core fortress every saturday/sunday evening but for no avail. At first we had to learn how to deal with the several successive parts of the fight. Later on, while encoutering the 5th part of the fight, a nasty bug prevented us realizing our dream as spawning adds did not despawn and after nearly one hundred were wandering around, we enjoyed a nice server shut down to prevent a crash. Last week, two boss resets occured that prevented us again to capture the fortress.

The divine fortress was finally captured tonight after two hours of intensive fighting, including defense of our upper layer fortress against asmodians. The fight ended only few seconds before the siege official closure as all were giving their best to remove the last remaining HP percents of the guardian, wondering whether it was for this week or next one.

You can easily imagine our happiness when that last pink area turned green. Congratulations to all 900 Elyseans who attended the event, espececially those who kept coming week after week hopping for their dream to come true. Our deepest thanks also go to Forga and Falkynn, who organized our faction and drove it to the victory. Without him, this would not have happen.