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Devil stars in the positioning of fortress war

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aion gold plays an important part in the fighting, because it can provide players arms, at other time, you can make it to exchange for skills. I hope you will be able to try your best to make full use of it, and I think you will make great progress.
Now you may want to know devil stars in the positioning of fortress war, and I can the needs of you. I think that if the guardian is important four stars rating, then the devil star is a four star rank and a half, basically very night as the fortress will play, thus causing massive demons face to face almost every day.
The importance of the devil aspects are embodied in the group attacking, and gang warfare attack with the probability of the group completely beyond the control of the basic skills, the group attacking skills of four thousand DP plus volcanic skills are strong output in the rear with a combination of skills.
Closing head is cool to kill, but was often the second point must have a certain psychological quality, to know war as long as the group is always making you magic way OBS point.
Although the proposed strength of the output, but life support should be reasonable, and personally feel that with the state to protect the lives of five thousand two hundred more appropriate aim is not to be another long range skills to second out. Recommendations or team kill efficiency point, followed by killing the ranks of stars to go, you meet is the most efficient.
Magic way in the abyss of death probability are high, so to adjust their attitude. What does not kill talents unfortunately, I feel killed juiced magic way out to open as normal and reasonable defensive mode.