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Daevadome has four rounds of battle, each round lasts a maximum of 10 minutes

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Many Daevas enter! One Daeva leaves!

What better place to prove your mettle than in Daevadome? Prove your endurance and epic might. Enter Daevadome, and destroy your enemies in the air or take them out on the ground. Grab your chance to become a Daevadome champion!

Have you got what it takes to survive a round battling hundreds of Daevas all at once? Do you have Tayga blood running through your veins? In this open, all-comers event, no signups are needed. Just enter and fight!

[UPDATED] Daevadome has four rounds of battle, each round lasts a maximum of 10 minutes, so you have four chances to survive. The Daevadome round winners then battle each other for the ultimate bragging rights as Daevadome champion for each faction per server.[UPDATED] If there is no winner at the end of a round - more than 1 character left standing - there is no winner for that round.[UPDATED] The use of 'force-logging' is prohibited, any player that utilises such tactics will be removed from the competition without notice and disqualified - we will be checking the logs (even if you win you will be stripped of your prizes if you 'force-log)!
Each round winner will receive:

5 True White Dyes

5 True Black Dyes

3 Gold Medals

The winning Daevadome Champion also will receive:

Lucky Wings

The custom forum title "Daevadome Champion"

Daevadome occurs on your server throughout the week beginning Monday, March 21, 2011 at the times and dates listed below. Daevadome happens on both factions at the same time on each server. The event's start will be announced in game through a GM announcement.