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Customer Support Hot Topics!

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Queue Times and Waiting to Play
The popularity of specific servers has caused queues to be necessary. These queues are based on the given server load. The wait times for our more populated servers will be longer than the wait time for less populated servers. You can use the tracking tools on the Aion website to determine which servers are most populated and which ones will have the longest or shortest wait times in the login queue. Login queues will shorten (and disappear) over the next several days as players spread out across our currently available servers. We are also working on several ways to alleviate the wait time in the queues.

Faction Balance

We will only be allowing players to create characters of one faction on each server. For example, if you create an Elyos character on Siel,you will only be able to create Elyos characters on that server. Because of this, we will be closely monitoring the faction balance on each server during launch and after. If we see a particular server is starting to become unbalanced in favor of one faction, we will temporarily disable character creation of that particular faction on the server. Please be aware this temporary character creation block could change every few hours. If you find you are unable to create a character of your preferred faction choice, please wait a while and try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience this maycause, but we feel this is a necessary step to maintain a well balanced server.

Special Items (Preorder/collectors)

In order to claim either or both the Preorder and Collector’s Edition in-game items, you will need to first make sure the appropriate codes have been applied to your Aion game account, and then claim the items for your character(s) through our website. After you have claimed the item packs for your character(s) on our website, you may need to wait a while (possibly up to 12hours) before the items become available in-game. Your item packs will be available when you see a small box icon appear in the bottom-right corner of your screen next to your compass. You can click the box and a Black Cloud Trader will appear to deliver your items. You can click on this NPC to retrieve your items. If you don’t retrieve all of the items before dismissing the Black Cloud Trader, the items will remain in your normal mailbox.
Cosmetic Surgery NPCs

The Gender Switch and Appearance NPCs are available in game,however, the ability to purchase the tickets used at these vendors is not yetavailable.  Please keep an eye on the Aion home page for any information regarding the furtherimplementation of these NPCs.

I am trying to enter my Aion Serial Code from my Aion game box, and it asks me to upgrade a Guild Wars account? WHY?

You are using the wrong code. There are two codes in yourAion game box:

There is a 25-digit Aion Wings Guild Wars promo code, whichis for a Guild Wars account. That code gives you an "Aion Wings"emote for your Guild Wars characters. That's the one you are currently tryingto use, and it is not for your Aion account.
Your Aion retail serial code is a 20-digit serial code,which is also in your game box. It is on the third page of your "QuickReference Card" at the bottom. It is titled "Activation Code".That is the code you need to use to activate/create your Aion game account.

Related Article: Aion Standard and Collector's Edition Game Box Serial Code Locations.

I pre-ordered Aion and played in Head Start, but I can nolonger play. Why not?

Aion has now officially lanched in North America. In order to continue playing Aion after the pre-order Head Start Event, the retail version of Aion will need to be registered to your existing account.
 If you prepurchased Aion from the NCsoft Store or one of our other digital online retailers (Steam®, Direct2Drive®, etc...), your account is all set! You should be able to log into Aion after the game officially launches with no issues.
 If you have pre-ordered the actual game box from a local or online retailer you will need to pick up your retail copy from them, or if the retailer is shipping it to you in the mail, you'll need to wait until the game box is shipped to you. Please contact them regarding your full retail box if you have not received it yet.
Once you get your game box, you will use the following instructions to activate your pre-order account: How do I activate my beta or pre-order game account? Once you activate your account with your retail code/billing information, you can continue playing after launch.

The game box says, "First month of game playincluded," so why am I being asked for billing information?

All game accounts must be activated using a valid credit card, PayPal, or prepaid game time card in order to gain access to the game. For more informaion, please see: Will I be be billed the first time I activate my game account?

Where is the serial code located in my North American AionStandard or Collector's Edition game box?

In the North American Aion Starndard (SteelBook) Edition or Collector's Edition game boxes is a folded paper booklet titled "Quick Reference Card". Your 20-digit Aion Serial Code is on the third page of that Quick Reference Card fold-out, at the bottom. It is titled "Activation Code".