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Contrary to nature

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aion kinah plays a miraculous part in the game, and we need make full use of it. Than we can enter into high step from one by one, so we need gather it. Initially the region of Asia Estella is a complete world, and later became very powerful marinate forces, and they fight against god, tried to snatch right the region of Asia Estella domination of the right to become the greatest threat to the region of Asia Estella.
God sent 12 gods to resist, but the two sides are evenly matched. After the scourge of war that we knew just like the millennium after the dragon eventually expelled from the region of Asia Estella. But after a long war, eternal tower has been destroyed, divided into large fragments, heaven and the devil is also the one with the region of Asia Estella separate into two. Tower of the eternal destruction of the magnetic field makes the original mutation, and a weak magnetic field can not continue to maintain the original structure of the world, the magnetic field collapse, and the entire the region of Asia Estella will be completely destroyed. The eternal now is available only through the destruction of a tower of debris to maintain the stability of the magnetic field. Placed in omen 2 circles before the race is only one way to eliminate the other side will be able to protect them. Fate of the sector and the devil makes the days between the hatred intensified. Instability in the energy field, called abyss gave birth to the inner senses, abyss, as a bridge to connect a long-term isolation from the same community and Makati days. Between the two world wars were expelled from the region of Asia Estella sudden appearance of that field indicates that the ancient bloody might be revived.