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Closed Beta Event #3 has come to an end

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The third Aion beta event came to an end on Monday, July 6th (12:00 PM PT, 9:00 PM CEST, 8:00 PM BST). The Aion team would like to send out a virtual (and imaginary) gift-basket of Brax stew, as well as a big thank you to all of our dedicated players for another weekend of extremely helpful feedback! We are fully aware that many users from both Europe and North America experienced server connection problems during the test to some extent. Continually reporting what issues you experienced has been to great help for us as it will help to ensure that the issues faced will be eliminated. The more bugs we manage to squash during the testing, the fewer we will see come September when Aion hits the shelves!

Our next beta event is set to begin on Friday July 17th (12:00 PM PT, 9:00 PM CEST, 8:00 PM BST) and will mark the exciting introduction of what you have all come to know as The Abyss. Stay tuned for more details and tidbits as we get closer!

Overview of upcoming Closed Beta Events:

Closed Beta Event #4 - July 17-July 20 Focus: Elyos and Asmodian levels 1-25

Closed Beta Event #5 - July 31-August 3 Focus: TBD

Closed Beta Event #6 - August 14-August 17 Focus: TBD