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Character control seems really clunky

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I have personally found the controls while flying increasingly frustrating to manage at times as character control seems really clunky. As for death and wipe recovery, you basically appear as a ghost at a graveyard and run back to your body. Well, when you die, you can either be rezzed before releasing or opt to release to your last bind point (which can be extremely far) and have to traverse all the way back to where you died via running or a long route of flights. I really think NCsoft needs to improve methods of travel if they want to win aion gold over a significant playerbase for their North American release.
The chat functions are also really annoying at times with such quirks as forcing you to type out or legion to talk in guild chat, or group (full words only) to type in party chat, etc. The core of the UI is there but there is so much more that NCsoft could have done with it. Perhaps I am just not informed of a huge UI database for somewhere, but the game loses a lot of points in my book for lack of available customization with the UI and game settings in general.