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Character Transfer Process - Timeline and Criteria

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Greetings Daevas,

Free character transfers have helped an astounding number of players to relocate their characters and find new communities to play with over the past half year. The last free character transfer will occur on the 5th of January 2011. As of now, only two weeks remain for this free service, so if you want to get into the transfer queue, don't delay. Below you will find a schedule of the whole process.
You will also notice that we included Criteria for Manual Transfers. What is that, you are asking? Well, once the final free transfer will happen (5th of January), we will proceed with a round of Manual transfers that will allow players who have been separated from their friends or family to reunite, at last. The criterion for these manual transfers is included below to help you determine if you're eligible.


22nd of December - Players will be able to apply for transfers right after the weekly maintenance.
29th of December - Players will be able to apply for transfers right after the weekly maintenance.
5th of January - We will execute the last round of Free Character Transfers.

5th of January - Manual Transfers will be open and we'll start to accept requests from players.

From this moment on, our Customer Service GM's will go through all the requests to manually transfer as they come in either allow or deny the transfer based on the below criteria.
You will be notified if your request has been successful as soon as your ticket has been processed.
19th of January - The Manual Transfers will be closed at which point we will no longer be accepting any more transfer requests.

From that moment on, our Customer Department will go through players' requests and start to reunite them with their legion/friends or will help to resolve faction conflicts on players accounts (Characters from each race on the same server).

Criteria for Manual Transfer Approvals (5th of January 2010 - 19th of January 2010)

Uniting family requirements (if your spouse, partner or siblings are on separate servers and you wish to be reunited):

. Both accounts are under the same NCsoft Master account.


. Both accounts have a history of playing from the same location.

New account requirements (you've just created an account and realised that you chose a different server from your friends):

.  Account was made within two weeks of petition date.


.  Account has an Aion retail code applied (Trial account characters will not be moved).

Faction conflict resolution (Elyos and Asmodians on the same server)

.   Players account currently has both Asmodians and Elyos characters on a single server.

.   Players will be given options as to where their characters of a particular faction can be moved when they contact customer support in an attempt to maintain server faction balance.

Consolidating characters of the same faction

We will unite characters of the same faction on a single server as long as the stipulations below are met. These rules are meant to prevent further faction imbalance.
.   Players must already have a character on the target server.

.   Characters moved to the target server cannot be more than 10 levels higher than the character present on the target server.  (Ex: Target server character is level 40, all same faction characters level 50 and below can be moved to that server).

List of things player must do to prepare (once a manual transfer has been approved):

.   Clear your character note, which can be found at the top of the friends list.

.     If your character is in a Legion, set the Self Intro to "none", then leave the Legion.

.    Remove all items and Kinah from the Trade Broker

.    Remove all items and Kinah from your account warehouse

To conclude, in the very near future, a paid character transfer service will be implemented. We will be updating the Powerwiki with a new Paid Character Transfer FAQ that will detail the timeline for these changes and how to go about using the new service. Stay tuned for more details.