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Bow Star vs Wizard

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 As a Templar you can found Groups left and right because not many people like to tank. As a Spirit Master People wanted the buffed drop rates from boss mobs so we were well desired. Against to the news posted earlier by NCwest that 1.9 to be released in May, NCsoft Korea, the parent company announced a new expansion schedule via their Q1 2010 quarterly earnings report call. A lot of aion gold that our players had throughout some of the instances, you know Fire Temple was a big one, and not seeing a weapon after fifty runs.
Other than the few rough spots where I had to do the repeatable quest grind in order to get to the next level, I find questing rather enjoyable. In though, you sometimes get clues from the quest giver that you will not find in your log later, so there more motivation to read. For those who absolutely refuse to do that, the game uses cinematics to emphasize crucial points in the narrative.