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Behind Enemy Lines & For War and Glory

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Starting Wednesday, March 16, 2011 after maintenance, two events begin: a rifting event and an Abyss Point event.

'Behind Enemy Lines' Rifting Event

This rifting event continues until March 23, 2011 and will end at maintenance. During this rifting event, we'll remove the defensive buffs in Heiron and Beluslan. The defensive buffs will remain in place in Eltnen and Morheim.

'For War and Glory' AP Event

This event focuses on Abyss Points (AP)-specifically, letting you get more AP and keep more. Monsters that normally grant AP will have a boosted AP rate, giving you more AP per kill. This monster AP increase coincides with a 50% reduction of AP loss in the Abyss and Silentera Canyon. All other areas of the game will deliver the normal amount of AP loss. This event runs for two weeks and ends at maintenance on March 30, 2011.