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Aion is far beyond the World of Warcraft

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aion kinah is good for you. As a game player, we all know that Aion is called the desired configuration is the stronger ever. It is a grand masterpiece of history once again. It is very aesthetic; this game is far beyond the World of Warcraft on the screen.
In the Aion mythological world, God through the power of the release, you can give some of their extraordinary ability to bio-and that these forces have their diversity and specificity, to become guardian angels other organisms, creating a unique fantasy world.
What is Daeva? Players play the role of God incarnation is the guardian of AION for the sanctity of a family of God, called the Daeva. Their mental and physical is far stronger than mere mortals, is simply is to have supernatural power enveloped the body and be free to operate a Faith Force. Because such power, you can use the powerful guardian of the capacity, or even wake up from the dead. Although it is not eternal as God, like the shape, regarded as another way of eternal life, and their job is to guard AION and management of other services, and protect people from evil forces and ethnic beast invasion. The tribe of God is the supreme worship of the guardian is to give respect and admire.
Aion, it is that a process of heaven, Devil and Dragon three forces to build a new myth in the world. In this world, heaven and Devil are mutually antagonistic two races, while the Dragon is the department and these two forces, the random number, which the activities of the three races of the world, called Atreia.
Protoss and Mozu are both the center of AION, in the eyes of mortals, their presence is like an angel sent by god.