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Aion has alot of Christian influences

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Did you know that Aion has alot of Christian influneces?

1. The 12 empyrean Lords are similar to the 12 sholars that folowed Jesus because they follow the God "Aion" and their goal is to protect humanity.
The sholars goal was to get people saved from eternal punishment and that is also some sort of protection.

2. Seraphim is also a name of an angel that is one of Gods closest Angels and he sings Holy Holy Holy. Day and night. In Aion Seraphim is the group of 6 empyrean lords that where blessed by Aion. And if you take those 6 Seraphim lords + Aion they are 7 and 7 is the symbol for completion and it is also Gods number in christianity.

3.Asmodaeus is a Demon that are responseble for lust he's name is very similar to Asmodians

4.The name "Aion" (is greek i think) and if translated it means eons wich literally means eternity. God is eternity in christianity aswell.

5.There are mobs in Aion with names like kerubs/Kerubians. In the Holy Bible Kerubs are angles just like the Seraphim but not as close to GoD as the Seraphim. Seraphim in hebrew means The burning.

6. The capital city of elyos is Sanctum and sanctum is latin and means Holy and the fact that the city is placed in heaven just like the new jerusalem is that also is a holy city.

7. There is actualy a cross looks very similar to the cross that are used in christianity. in Sanctum outer dock.