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Aion: Qualified Guardian of the Stars

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  aion gold which would you like to get qualified guardian of the stars in Aion is very good now. If so, please read the following details gotten from other websites.
When you choose to guard the moment, you have to pay a lot aion online kinah more than others for it is doomed. Guardian of the road is not difficult, many people may complain that the guardian of the output low, slow kill stars how high the output.
  In fact, it will be relatively slow point to 18 after. You can brush the elite team and experience with the team are the same people, if you pleased, you can always brush to 45, you might complain that they can be long-range career, tens of millions of the experience of a night. Then you go to buy aion kinah to practice long-range right, no one forces you to practice guardian, since the choice of a guardian of this career, you should be carefully to the vocational training, a qualified guardian and then you will win friends for your praise as some cheap aion kinah, for you to win the respect of others.
  On the other hand, that is to identify the way (Khan) to become a guardian of a qualified at least. Whether it is the elite area or a copy, you have to remember which of the topography, the distribution of blame. You have to lead the team who kill boss when you become a captain. Some maps do not want to clearance in strange circumstances; you also need aion kinah to lead the run. May be because that you are not familiar with the map leading to eradication of the corporation.