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Aion: My favorite love in my heart

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As we all know that the game is very interesting and many people go to play the game every day after their work. In my heart the game aion is my favorite love and I always love it. I do not want to play the other game I only want to play this game to find my happiness. I know the aion gold and I know how to play the game well and if I want to be strong in this game what I should do and what I should have. I like to see my friends playing the game while I play the game too; I tell them that I want to take part in their groups to play the game.
To my surprise my friends agree with my idea right way, so I decide to try my best to play the game well. I often go to upgrade alone to add my experience, I know if my experience are enough I can go to brush the aion kina more easily. Sometimes my friends also help me a lot, they tell me that as long as my experiences are enough so our group can play the game well and we can go to kill the monsters together too.
When I play the game with my friends I will go to earn the aion online kina as possible as I can. Though my level is not high, there are a lot og things in my board. My friends envy me and want to me tell them how to become strong while playing the game. I like to buy equipment so I can arm myself that I can be strong to kill the monsters more easily.
However, as long as I work hard, everything will be success. I do not want to leave you and have to hurt you. If say I do not sad that is fause and I cheat myself, if say I am not sad that is I can not be sad. I can only go to buy aion gold to make me not so sad, and I do not want to them see I am sad. My favorite love aion you will always be in my heart.
Even if now we play the game very happy and we all have a lot of aion online kina in this game. so I like the game aion and I want to play it forever. I also like my friends who I know in the game. My favorite love aion you are always in my heart.