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Aion Just Bursts the Bubble

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So the biggest letdown and good news for today is that Aion has just announced that it's finally going beta this coming June 5 right after E3.

So to settle things first before people start looking idiotic and duh, duh-ing me and say "WTF is wrong with you?" I'm going to clear things up with the biggest letdown first to appease those itching for a debate.

As most of the people I see hanging around the site, the biggest issue they have with Aion is that it's P2P.  As most people who are either too much of a cheapskate to waste their buck paying for a game or that they have other financial troubles, this would be the game's biggest let-down. Let's forget that the game looks good, that the screens do show something that is (maybe) worth playing and even spending some of those cash you have in reserve for, no, it's P2P so it's automatically a BOO game.

On the other hand, the game's other merits include, a nice storyline, good looking characters and sprites, it would seem that the world is huge and you could just lose yourself inside the game, though of course one major drawback that Aion has is that it has a meager amount character job class found in an P2P MMO.

However, there's a saying that goes that looks can be deceiving and maybe this is one of those instances where an MMO may be just that, looks. I still wouldn't bet all my chips on that thought though till we enter the world of Aion. The game may be just eye candy and full of fan service or it may be worth your money spending on it.
We have to wait till the game opens to find out.

On a side note: to those who are going for private servers please do stop being parasites cause you are the ones who are killing MMOs, kthanxbai.