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Aion : Empyrean Calling Officially Launched

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NCSoft and the Aion development team have announced that the latest game update, Empyrean Calling, has officially launched. The v2.5 patch brings updated graphics, new instances, new content and expanded features into the game. NCSoft also announced a 10-day free trial for new or former players looking to check the game out.

"Aion is not the same game we launched nearly 21 months ago, as each update we've released brings players exciting new features and content they've been asking for, and the Empyrean Calling is no exception," said Dominic Wai, brand manager, Aion. "The new instances, quality of life updates and the unique mentor reward system are only a few of the features players will experience when logging into the game today, and these are game changing features we are really excited to introduce to our players."