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Aion Class Roles in PvE Endgame

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                                                              Aion Class Roles in PvE Endgame
   Aion china gold is useful, which we will use in the game and it has enough magic making you rich, and it is nothing instead. Each class has its own role in the endgame of PvE in Aion , maybe it is not so exactly for those low levels, now please read the following description written by Iskaib, and also you can Aion China kina to realize it.
   Assassin: Highest dps class in the game.
   Chanter: Picked up as the usual 4th spot after a Sorc, Cleric and Templar. Chosen for buffs and back-up healing is important.
   Cleric: Healer, needed for every group.
   Gladiator: Cannot tank endgame content, more of a dps class. Their niche in groups is aoe damage, and is sort of an aoe dps class.
   Ranger: Raps
   Sorc: Chosen for their CC. They are needed for every group, but you can sometimes replace them with a Spirit master if no Sorc is available.
   Spirit master: Usually chosen for CC if there's no sorc. Some CC with pets off tanking.
   Templar: The tank of the group. Need for every group.
   So what is your opinion about this information? Please feel free to post your precious words, we would be much appreciated!