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Aion : Assault on Balaurea Pets Video

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A new video has appeared on YouTube depicting the many new pets coming to Aion as part of version 2.0 aka Assault on Balaurea.

The video is from the Korean PTR (Public Test Realm) where the update is currently undergoing testing. The pets range from designs that look like they'd be a perfect fit on Pokemon, to your tradtional puppies and kittens, to literal pack mules, and even what appears to be some sort of mobile spiked collar, or something out of Battlebots.

The new pets aren't simply for show either, while many will be available as simple vanity pets, there are quite a few pets with functional benefits that should be of interest to players, including the aforementioned pack mule (additional storage), pets that alert you to the presence of players of the opposing faction, and more.