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Aion Around the World

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Over the last year, gamers all over the world have been introduced to Aion. This new lifestyle has grown into an overwhelming passion that transcends nationality, religion, or race. We've been amazed to see the creation of truly international communities and to hear player feedback in so many different languages. Aion has become a global experience that we intend to grow, nurture, support, and improve upon in years to come.
To highlight the global phenomenon that Aion has become, we want to see pictures of our community members in public locations. We're looking for pictures of our players participating in exciting activities or showcasing Aion-themed merchandise, art, or cosplay. To give you an example of what we're looking for, Tamat, and Ayase took a moment to pose at the Pike Place Market in Seattle while Amboss did the same almost 5000 miles away at the famous pier in Brighton, UK.