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Aion: About the Guys

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aion kinah is my aim when I always play this popular Aion online game, I always do not forget my first step is that come to understand the price of weapons or equipment. Now dear our players and I am glad to see you in my blog site.
According our request, next we will introduce some information given DatsTooBad on level in Aion. Please read it in detail and you can get it.
There is a prefix named Ancient Stigma can no longer be acquired, those who had the stigma stones could use this advantageous stigma, for level 45 will be used as level 50 skills by them. You can get the available skills and useful aion kina from Skill Books or from trainers, of course these once level 45 stigmas will be available as normal, too. Pay attention please. In these new Skill Books, there are new stigma versions, i.e. Griffon Arrow which is level 50 Skill Book to Griffonix Arrow which is level 50 Stigma and Volcanic Eruption is that level 50 Skill Book to Super Volcanic Explosion is that level 50 Stigma.
On the other hand, Stigmas can be converted to level 50 skill books; it includes their Asmodian counterparts such as:
Force Blast, Punishment of Empyrean Lord, Griffon Arrow, Light Pattern Explosion, Volcanic Eruption, Command: Element Flow, Yustiels Light, Block Spell. It would not affect NA Aion release; it just means these stigmas will not drop any more.
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