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Accomplish the quest of Work Order

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 If you want to become a Daeva, to become a powerful people you desperately need. You have to bet on anything and anytime with aion kinah, push your luck while playing: Bet with the crappy success rate of flash rate. Bet on whether items you craft will flash when you try to accomplish the quest of Work Order. I suppose the closest thing to this withdrawl any of you might feel is if a. your account is under question by NC Soft and locked down, or B. during maintenance and the servers do not come up as fast as they claim. So, here is a question for you, what are some of your favorite moments you have had while waiting for servers to come back online, or between the CB or OB events?
They may only need to know what server you are on and where to deliver for you. If you place an order, you would better leave your phone number, msn or some useful information, you can see if you can get full compensation if your accounts get banned. Fourthly, make sure you will get a cheapest price and the fastest speed. We should compare many websites and choose the cheaper one.