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About the Titan guide

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Let me give you simple recommendation, and I hope that you can be interesting in it. This is a Titan guide for Wonderland players.
If you are interested in the guide that maybe useful for you, please read on and than follow this guide and you will be level 50+ in short time with the necessary aion online gold. Let us star to explain:
Alright let start: Monsters to kill
Lv1-Lv31 any monsters White/Yellow. If you want to SP farm go on green monsters or white.
Some good monsters that have fast and bulky spawns are...
Skeleton Soldiers/Lancers in Temple
Blood Frenzies Swamp
Highlanders (bottom left)
Lv31-35 – High Landers
Lv35-50 Giant Larvae (bottom right)
Lv50+ Parties at dratan waives (for drops) or Master of Special Technique (Bottom left).
Ok so those who already went WM at Lv31, these are the only skills that you should get, and I do not care what other people think, this is the best for WM. We can continue what we need and we would be blest as soon as possible.
Smart, Giant Body, Defend, and I think all the passive skills (do not have a list showing all the skills) but hard swing, and the one that boosts ranged tanks is not worth it. The range skill is worth it if you have many ranged friends that pt with u a lot.
Ok so this is the path I took...
At level 31 I chose HL, reason being....
at level 44 or 45 u get a skill called Perfect Body, makes u EXTREMELY fast (must have less than 50% health left/ auto enabled skill) u also gain armor increase as well, which is the fastest way to grind until u hit level 50.
At level 50 you can buy a class reset card through item mall. This will allow you to redistribute sp and stats. Select WM and then get the skills stated above. Do you have no enough time to earn sell AO Credits? Do not worry about the question, and we will supply the best service to you about cheap price and wonderland power leveling.
If you want to sell LOTRO Gold, you can contact our customer service. The power level is your best choice. This is only initial introduction, and we will explain to you at large until you know how to play and you feel it is enough.