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10 Days of Solorius Presents!

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Welcome Back Daevas!

This year, to celebrate our Solorius festival and the 10 days of Reactivation, the Aion team will be sending out surveys on a daily basis for those of you in-game. The reason why we're mentioning these surveys is because they will have really cool presents attached to them! Everyone who is playing, including those who just reactivated, will receive these presents. So make sure you get into the game and enjoy the holidays on Atreia.

Here is a list of presents, in no particular order, that will be given out during the 10 Days of Solorius:

.  Antique Enchantment Stone Box - a box of enchantment stones.
.  Green Solorius Stocking - a green sock filled with gifts of black and white and other coloured dyes.
.  Platinum Coins
.  Yellow Solorius Stockings - a yellow sock filled with gifts of candies, enchantment stones, and holiday foods.
.  A Watchful Ailu Egg - hatches into a Watchful Ailu pet.
.  A Sunny Gift - Contains a type of summer hat and a Daeva's icebox.
.  Radiant Tokens
.  Crusader Tokens
.  Cool Swimsuit Box - contains a Cool Swimsuit.
.  Lenatinerk's Gift - a box filled with socks!