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The general theme for Arms

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 The general theme for Arms is an increased amount of options in terms of ability use. Overpower will remain the mainstay ability for the spec, and with pummel potentially being active in Battle Stance the class will be a force to be reckoned with. With the additional snares and CC being given to other classes (particularly casters) Warrior mobility via charge and intercept will be more powerful than ever. Deadly Calm is another extremely powerful ability that Warriors will sacrifice anything to pick up aion gold.
Fury has not changed a whole lot. Right now It is regarded as the most powerful PvE DPS spec in the game, so it really did not need a whole lot of modification. Fury Warriors will get a bit of additional flavor with the Raging Blow proc-based ability and will now be the go-to class for PvE interrupts thanks to the utility gained by Rude Interruption. The big unknown here is how much Fury damage will be hindered by the rage normalization mechanics being introduced in Cataclysm. Only time will tell how that will play out, but Fury will now be more about managing rage and process than spamming every available ability on cool down.