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Enchant an Item Guide in Aion

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 You buy an extraction tool from a gernal merchant. Use this to Extract an item aion kinah. Now, you want to be sure that you do not mind destroying this item. Normally you will extract higher level green items, because the higher the level, the higher the output. White items are the poop.
The result will be at least 1 Enchantment of a specific level. With this enchantment, you will attempt to apply it to an item you want to add to. Disclaimer: You will fail a lot, and the frustration level will drive you a tad bit insane. You will need to get enchants of 5+ levels above what you are attempting to enhance.
Keep in mind, that you can only add +10 to items, but is very tough, so you would think enchanting until you get higher levels, and much better items that you know you will keep for a long period of time.
You can either buy them from the AH, or buy an extraction tool form a General Goods vendor and destroy a green item. Some items yield better changing stones than others, and sometimes you even get more that one chant. Now, the failure rate on applying these chants is terrible. You have wasted a lot of money trying to chant my stuff. So far, you have 1 chant level on my wep, and a few pieces of armor.