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More DPS for soloing

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 The Warrior Skals has not really impressed, although the War-Speech skills were a great way to give the Minstrel some more DPS for soloing. The first buff, a 3s shorter cool-down on Heralds Strike, is not really that useful. First off, you do not use Heralds Strike that much, particularly at higher levels. And when you do, it is usually in conjunction with Noble Cause, which wipes the cool-down out entirely.
From slotting a third Warrior-Skald class trait, the second buff you get makes it harder for targets to resist your Ballads, which is far more useful. However, it also adds -15% from heals when War-Speech is on. War-Speech already takes away 50% so that is a big hit.
To add a fourth trait will get you more aion gold, and another 15% healing penalty. An 80% heal penalty means you can forget about having War-Speech on when healing. The Legendary Trait this allows a massive crit buff will make you an agro magnet if used in a group, so you will be healing like mad if using it.
So Warrior-Skald is out for groups, how about soloing? The thing is that the heal penalty from having War-Speech is so bad you turn it off a lot, and would do more damage with different Traits and War-Speech on more often. The Warrior Skald is just too hot to handle.