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Grinding on the centaurs

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 At level 36 you can go to the Swamp of Sorrows and grind there until you hit level 40. Now you can grind the elementals at Badlands Rock so go do that, stay there until you hit level 43. Now It is a good time to go to Tanaris and do the Wastewater and Field Testing quests. You can also grind the bandits while you are there. When you are level 44 the Ogre Ruins is good to grind until level 48.
After that, you can go to Tanaris to grind the Dune maul Ogres up to level 52. Then go level 52-54 on the Firegut Orgres in Burning Steppes, they are very easy to kill and give nice aion kinah. After level 54 winter spring is the sweet spot to grind. The second you level up to 58 go to the Outlands, through the dark portal and you find hundreds of quests there that you can do to level. Grind and quest to level 70 and go right to north rend. Quest clumping and instances are the best way to level. You can do this right up to level 80. Many people have used this strategy and gotten level 80 in 4 weeks do you think you can do it?