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Add Black Dyes to the NCStore in Aion

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 Some player in Aion are wonder if they can add black dyes to the ncstore, we have collected some advice for you. First give it time, you must realize that incorporating new colors for dyes requires more than just putting a picture on the shop page of the main site.
They have to do lines of coding, have the animators do up a model with the color in question, that the dye program can call upon it when you use it for EVERY SINGLE ARMOR MODEL IN THE GAME. It is a lot of work and will take time to get. Do not loose faith that we WILL get them though.
Other player told in other site is the programming work has already been done. True Black, True White, etc. already exist in the game inventory, and were rewards for the holiday ascension packs. The OP wants to have access to said items aion gold, a reasonable request.
However, we think they will prefer to keep some dyes rare, and offer them at holidays, such as they are doing with True Red and Hot Pink atm. If that is the case, maybe you should be looking toward Halloween this year to buy your black dye.