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Making a Good Acrobat

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 Go back to town after you kill it with aion kinah. Next to Hent is the Acrobat Trainer named Tailor. When you finish talking to her, you have become an Acrobat, and received a few items. Your stats have also been reset. These are the stats that I used on my Acrobat and they seem to be working well.
No matter how much you want more MP but please do not add any INT in the game. Those points can be used to add more DEX. This is a DEX build, obviously, with as little STA as possible. You can add more if you want. But always add more DEX. DEX is the power for bow users. It also is the attack speed, evasion rate, and blocking rate. Your critical rate increases by 1 for every 10 points in DEX. Acrobats will never achieve the 100% Critical Rate as Jesers will. It is good to find a couple Intel Rings or Mental Necklaces if you want more MP.
You need the level 30, 45, 60 and so on. Every 15 leveled set. And maybe they are awesome with the bonuses.