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Get updates more quickly

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 Sometimes we get updates more quickly, and other times, they take us longer to roll out because we have to do more work behind the scenes to implement them. If an update contains a large amount of content that requires localization into English, French, and German, it takes longer to implement the update. We are fairly on-par in game version with other territories right now since all regions are currently running version 1.5. aion kinah was recently updated to 1.9 on the Korean Public Test Server, but aside from that, there has not been an announced date for when 1.9 will go live across all servers in Korea. Likewise, we have not announced when we will be implementing 1.9 on our North American and European servers, but we are currently working on the localization of 1.9.
An guide not only that will help you understand better what is the role of your toon in the fantasy universe of Atreia, but will also reveal the secrets of any zone, making the leveling more than a little bit smoother. As you may know, the best way to level up is by questing. Simple grinding does not work because most of the mobs put up quite some resistance when engaged in combat and they just do not die in 2-3 hits.