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The experience of lei female

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Metin2 of the free world do not intend to enter the big online games, I will express my own for so long to play Ray woman experiences.
Lei Women Lianji experience as follows: first skill hack mine. The second will depend on individual skills, clear conditions.
If you have friends to help you on the emergence of this skill How to train it fast then, I will talk about this and novice, 1-25 to find a 30-meng to persuade the two had to team up Lianji. Team valiant, if not stop to help you 5 hours definitely 25, and to the 25, we could invite others to help you.
To find a person friend of 55 regardless of how the other person is, as long as his grades and asked he to agree with you joins the team. You into the team and then look for a high-level home here.
After you find the bar waiting for a happy smile, because Reggie into the team after you have let 55 of my friends went to another line of play, the team will not dissolve the experience equally.
If you have experienced double-ring, then I can say that class is the same as the fly on the level so you can have spider hole reaches 67. Ray woman how attribute points, plus it? I also talk about personal experiences.
Intellectual Man, Physical and grading the best synchronization. If a person has more money then the whole are intellectual agility. Equipment is not a good idea to buy a halo shield.
Finally I bought a set of double-attack weapons and shoes. On this time the aion online gold will to play a role.