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Summary of gamescom

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505 exhibitors fought for the attention of over 250,000 visitors in this year's iteration of gamescom, the world's largest game exhibition. NCsoft and ArenaNet attended in full force and unleashed a schedule packed with cool activities onto the unsuspecting show visitors.

Our cameras ran hot throughout the show, and the NCsoft West flickr album exists to somewhat prove this theorem. We capture several snapshots from the NCsoft cosplay contest held on Sunday, where an impressive Guilds Wars 2 Asura walked away as winner. The contributions were awesome though, and we'd like it to be known, simply in order to spice things up with a cliche, that if we could have given everyone a first prize, we would have!

The NCsoft West YouTube channel is an excellent resource for event coverage. We had a live stream running throughout the entire show where you could catch everything we did online. Just in case you missed the stream, we made sure to upload high definition copies of our intense schedule's most notable events. Head on over right away and have a look at the on-stage interviews with Aion Producer Chris Hager, or Jiho Lee and Seungwuk Baek from the Korean development team.  You might also want to have a look at our cool summary video manifesting the incredible atmosphere we lived and breathed during the week.

News coverage was posted throughout the event on our centralized gamescom 2010 event page. We'll continue this tradition during future events to ensure that you have one single place to go to for relevant updates.

All in all, we had a smashing time. Seeing the ocean of hands wave in the air is a majestic sight forceful enough to put anyone in awe. The hall our booth was located in is known for being one of the loudest halls, a battlefield of noise, a no-man's-land where the weakest fade into oblivion and the strongest echo towards the horizon. To that end, our entire team has now been isolated in soothing underground cocoons for sound rehabilitation.

We can't wait for the next show and chance to meet you all in person!