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Lowbie players and legions invite

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You ( aion community ) cry, that our population is very low and we need new players


In the same time you are leaving those players to play completely alone and without any chance to find a legion that suit them best.

You recruit players 30+ , 40 + and higher. Which means that new players have to raise their lvl without a proper group that could share time with them from the very first moment. And I don't mean actually playing with them ( it's not possible when most of you are high lvls ) , but to have legion is not only doing quests together and lvling together and I think most of you know what I mean.

"not to be rude but lvl 11 is a little bit low for a legion" - is it an usual way to greet new players on your server ?

Take care of your lowbies and give them opportunities to get to know Aion from as best perspective as you can!