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I'm not talking about the Master Carved recipes.

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I am getting so frustrated lately with how difficult it is to get Master level recipes for any of my crafts. After spending millions of kinah levelling up to get to Master level, it's a real let down not to be able to buy recipes at the 500p level.

I'm not talking about the Master Carved recipes (scammers list those every day, and those can be bought from an NPC). I mean the gold Master recipes that you need first, before you can use Master Carved.

Quite honestly I've been checking the broker for months and when one guy did list one up two months ago for my craft, he wanted 160 million for it! It's worse than ridiculous. It's the same situation we had with Flux many moons ago - they were too rare, too expensive and it ruined crafting. The recipes are the same thing.

NCsoft you have to fix this. Give us an NPC or something please.

If people are going to go through the pain of levelling up a craft to Master level, we should at least have somewhere to buy recipes for the sodding craft when we get there.