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Jewel crafting tips

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 Specialty cloth is a decent aion kinah maker, especially when you specialize. We pull in two primal moon cloths and two spell cloth every four days for the price of mats for one. Check the AH before you go crafting. If the value is way down, craft but do not sell until later. If there are none, craft and put up the cloth at a huge mark up. There is almost always that one person looking to craft that piece of gear tonight and will pay 20 g over the regular price to do it.
We used to farm adamantite /fel iron to prospect, but now we just buy it. In fact, we prospect all our ore and open up our JC profession window and checkmark Have materials. We head over to the Auction House and then check which gem cuts have the largest profit or the one there are few or none of on the AH. We make 5 of each jewel based on 1/2, until all our gems are gone.